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No more waiting on hold with Promethean Tech Support or asking your STR to help you troubleshoot your board! Click here to view a webinar that gives teachers useful tips and tricks for keeping their Promethean Boards up and running at top performance.  It contains some very helpful troubleshooting strategies that can empower teachers to solve some of the more common problems they may have with their boards.

Also check out this link to help you troubleshoot problems with your board – Promethean Knowledge Base

A dark box with an “M” appears when I use my document camera while connected to the computer.

If your ActiView Document camera, while connected to your computer and running the ActivView software, is showing a small dark box with an “m” and a faint eye symbol in the corner, you will need to download the new version of the ActiView driver from Promethean Planet on the drivers tab, install it and then restart the computer. Once you ope the ActiView program again, the problem should be fixed. If not, you may need to also re-install the ActiView software, restart the computer and start the program once more. This problem does not show itself when the document camera is connected directly to the LCD projector, bypassing the computer/ActiView software.


MacBook Pro projecting Dark Image on Promethean Board

Several agents have escalated the issue whereby after upgrading to Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on a MacBook Pro, the image through the projector is dark – by connecting a monitor to the same external connection and finding that it also was displaying a dark image, it has been proven that the issue is in fact with the MacBook and more specifically with an update that was carried out to the OS in 10.6.3.

Here is a link to other users reporting the same issue on other manufacturers devices…

And this is Apple themselves explaining what has changed in the OS and how to try and rectify the issue…

Best advice is to ask them to connect a monitor to the external connection to prove to them that the fault isn’t with the projector and then send them the apple support link above that will talk them through creating color profiles and changing the gamma settings.

Projector is displaying the “Projector Overheating” warning message

High Altitude – Most LCD projectors have a high altitude setting. Upon initial setup (or by accessing the option through the menu button), you can enable this option. It causes the fans to run at a slightly higher speed for more effective cooling at our altitude, resulting in just a bit more noise. Operation without using this setting might lead to premature failure or the unit and certainly decrease the longevity of the bulb.

Promethean Board projector will not turn on with the remote

If the remote control is still not functioning correctly, even after changing the batteries, it should be noted that the remote control has two different remote control code sets so that it is possible to control two projectors in the same room. The control codes are switched via the Remote Control Handset; they are CODE 1 and CODE 2. The code may have been changed by mistake so that the projector is set to CODE 1 and the Remote Control Handset is set to CODE 2 or Vice-Versa

To change the code, press and hold the Menu and Image buttons together on the remote handset for more than 10 seconds. This will change the remote control code. If the remote control is still not operating the projector, try another known working remote control from the same model of projector (you may need to change the remote control code setting as described above). If this does work, the likelihood is that the original remote control has a fault, and needs replacing.

Upside down projection image on the Promethean Board

If your LCD projector is producing an upside down image on your board and you are unable to calibrate your Promethean Board because of this you will need your LCD’s  remote to rectify the problem.  Click on the menu button on your remote, go to settings using your up/down and left/right navigation buttons.  Look for the backwards “R” choice in the menu that appears on your board.  Select this and toggle it on or off depending on what it is currently set at and it should turn your image right side up again, allowing you to then calibrate your Promethean Board successfully.

300 Pro Series Board Sound Recording Problem

When not connected to a pro series board the sound recorder should work perfectly in Inspire. However, once connected to a pro series board the sound recorder ceases to work in some cases. Download this Flipchart to find out how to fix this problem.

Core resources missing from Resources Browser

If your ActivInspire software installation did not install the “Core Resources” piece and shows no resources in the “Shared Resources” folder of your resource browser, your STR or DOTS Site Support person will have to help you do this.  Here is the link to the piece that you need to install to fix this “1606 Error Message” issue.

“Subjects” folder missing from Shared Resources Browser

If you are missing the “Subjects” folder from the Shared Resources portion of your resource browser, you can get it here.  You will need to install it by going to your Shared Resources in your Resource Browser, clicking on the mini menu and selecting “Import Resource Pack Here”.  This will open a window for you so that you can browse to the “Subjects_ENU_V1.3.as4a” file.  Click “open” and it will install the “Subjects” folder into your “Shared Resources” folder in your Resource Browser.

New Promethean 300 Series Board and Mac computers – Pens won’t respond

If the board goes to sleep, the mac will not wake up the board, and this has to be done from Windows laptop.

When the pens won’t work on a board connected to a Macintosh computer you will see that the “ActivManager” icon has a red X through it. This icon is located at the top of the screen with the wireless network ‘fan’ icon and the time display.

To make the fix, you disconnect the USB cable from the Mac and connect it to a PC laptop with the Activinspire software loaded to “wake up” the USB. If the fix is successful, you will see the ActivManager icon show up without a red X in it at the bottom right of the screen in the desktop tray. Then disconnect the USB cable from the PC and plug it back into the Mac. The ActivManager on the Mac should then display without the red X, showing you it recognizes the board now; the pens should again work.

Windows 7

ActivInspire version 1.3 is compatible with Windows 7.   This update will be available by the end of November.  Be sure you have updated your software if you are running Windows 7.

Sound Recording on E Series Dell Laptops

To get sounds recorded with the internal Dell laptop microphone, the recording volume needs to be increased.
On the Dell Latitude E5500 running WinXP Pro SP3 the procedure is:
Control Panel> Sounds and Audio Devices> Audio tab> Sound recording> Volume> Internal Mic
Make sure this is checked in the Select box and the volume is turned all the way up.

Importing a list of students from Infinite Campus into the ActivInspire software for use with the ActiVotes and ActivExpressions

Infinite Campus

  1. Select a class
  2. From Reports, select Gradebook Export
  3. Select only one assignment, File Format – Comma Separated => Generate Report


  1. Open the extract.csv file
  2. Delete the assignment column, you now have one column with student name and ID
  3. Highlight that column and go to the Data tab, select “Text to Columns”
  4. Select Delimited, Delimiters: comma and space and Finish, this should give 3-4 columns
  5. Delete the cells that contain student initials (shift cells left)
  6. You should now have three columns containing last name, first name, and student ID
  7. Save the file keep in the .csv format


  1. Open the Voting Browser
  2. Select Assign Students to Devices button (the last one on the right)
  3. Click on Edit Database
  4. Click on add class
  5. Click on Import, find your csv file
  6. Map your columns: Last Name, Forename, Student ID, click OK
  7. Select the class, select the students and click << to students to the class
  8. Click OK when done.

Upgrade ActivHub Firmware (9-11-09)

It’s important to make sure your Slate and Expressions are connected to the same hub, This is necessary for efficient hardware use with your Promethean Board.  Follow these instructions to update your hub which controls your Promethean peripherals.

ACTIVotes- (3-9-09)

If you are having trouble assigning certain Activote devices to specific students after registering your activotes (for Activstudio3)…

  1. Make sure your activhub is plugged in. (you need to do this before you start the program, or else it doesn’t always register that it is in)
  2. Open Activstudio and click on the Activote button on the toolbar.
  3. Select Anonymous voting
  4. Click on Devices
  5. Click on Name and Vote with each device; label that device with the number that shows when you vote. (You need to look at the second column of numbers that shows the device name, such as A1. The first column is just the number of devices). Do not use the “Name All” feature.

If you already physically numbered your devices, follow these steps instead:

Determine the name each device is currently registered under and then change its name to match the name labeled on the device. To do this you must:

  1. Have paper handy and record the numbers of all devices you physically labeled
  2. Hit the Test button on the pop up window for device registration
  3. Test each of the devices by “voting” on them and recording what name each device corresponds to (example: device labeled 1 – voted at A15. etc.)
  4. After you have this information, you will need to go through and rename (in the second column) any device whose number did not match what its displayed voting number.
    (for example: change the device named A15 to A1 because that was the number on the actual device used.)
  5. When all of the names are changed, then click the Name button (Not Name All or it will randomly change all of your devices again!) and then vote with each device again to send the name to the device. Make sure that the name is correct this time and that the label on each device matches its voted name.

Each device will maintain its electronic name until someone goes in and changes it again. Even if you share the devices between other teachers, you do not need to do this naming process again. Remind your collegues to not reregister the devices now that you have them setup. The devices should keep their assigned names, no matter where they are used. Also, remind everyone who uses the Activotes not to push the Name All button or it will rename the devices with numbers that may not correspond to the physical names on each device.


If you are using a Dell Optiplex 745 or 755 desktop computer, you may have run into problems with being able to project your desktop screen onto your Promethean Board. Click this link to download the instructions for how to download and install the driver which will allow your computer to mirror its display onto the Promethean Board and rectify the issue.


New DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors do not require filter cleaning, only LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors require this maintenance. Be sure to clean the two small filters on your Promethean LCD projector once a week as these filters become dirty very quickly.  Your Promethean LCD projector and its bulb are covered under a 3-year warranty.  However, Promethean’s warranty is voided if the damage is due to lack of filter maintenance.

PDF showing filters and filter location

TIP 1 – (2-24-09)
Flipcharts with a .flp can only be read with ACTIVStudio software.
Flipcharts with .fip or .flipchart can be run with the new ACTIVInspire software. Once an .flp has been opened and updated with the new ACTIVInspire software, it will no longer run on the old ACTIVStudio software