The purpose of this website is to provide a repository of resources to help teachers find the training they need to use their Promethean Board to their full potential, troubleshoot their Promethean Boards when there is a problem, access popular interactive whiteboard activity websites and keep them abreast of events related to the use of Promethean Boards in the classroom.

Introducing ClassFlow

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Classflow is an all-in-one teaching tool for creating & orchestrating interactive multi-media lessons across a connected learning environment.  Classflow is best used in conjunction with Promethean’s ActivInspire Software.  When flipchart lessons are developed using ActivInspire and then presented via ClassFlow, the student controlled devices to take content interactivity to the next level and facilitate formative assessment for students.

Visit http://classflow.com to set up your free account.

Classflow can:

  • Bring classroom devices to Life by delivering interactive multimedia lessons throughout your connected classroom.
  • Give teachers real-time insight and feedback via rich interactive polls and formative assessments.
  • Differentiate instruction and assessments by assigning different content to different groups and administering self-paced, leveled assignments.
  • Use one single platform for creating and storing interactive multimedia lessons by searching & importing existing content such as SMART Notebook files, PDFs, Microsoft Word & PowerPoint™ docs, Promethean ActivInspire flipcharts, and video files from multiple sources (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, external & local drives, and the web).

ClassFlow, as a web-based program, can also be used as a presentation device, in the absence of ActivInspire, to share content within the presentation out to students via individual devices using tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, external & local drives, and the web.

Here is a “Getting Started” video.
Here is the full collection of videos to help you understand how to integrate ClassFlow into your instruction.


Empower teachers to bring lessons to life by enabling student interaction and collaboration on interactive whiteboards and interactive panels. ActivInspire’s assortment of tools, images, and activities to bring lessons to life in the modern-day classroom.

pen-touchDual Interface
Easily switch between “Primary” for young learners and “Studio” for older students.



designIntegrated Tools
Deliver engaging lessons on your front of the classroom display surface with Revealer, Spotlight Focus Tools, Magic Ink, Clock and Math tools.


softwareSupport for Mathematical Equations
Use the Equation Editor to add mathematical equations into a flipchart or into questions or response options for learner response devices.


multiuserIncreased Collaboration
Dual-user input and pen and multi-touch functionality (dependent on your display surface) encourage students to engage, interact and work together.

Tips and Tricks

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